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Toward the back, she found another scrap of paper tucked inside, this one no more than a hasty jotting, likely written in reminder.
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Part of her wished that she remained loyal to him so she could feel his hands on her, his body against hers, and sample the rare vampire blood he possessed. Jason got up from the chair and kneeled beside the bed, Yes Elsa? I don t think the women should do all the work, she pointed out.
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Ted was half asleep when the loud rapping woke him up. He chuckled and pointed to the pile of clothes that she d forgotten about, Clothes shopping for you. Her name is Veronica Crane, and she ll be at the Amtrak station in Indianapolis on April 22 at 6:30 in the morning.
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She sank into the seat of the train after another failed attempt. Thrusting his tongue into her sweet warm mouth, it tangled with hers in wild passion.
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